Apple Xs and Xs Max – Can’t do the upgrade this time

Apple Xs and Xs Max – Can’t do the upgrade this time

For the past 2 years I have been a part of the iPhone upgrade program. I first used it for my first plus sized phone, the iPhone 7 Plus. The following year I used it for the iPhone X. I have been happy with both phones. I also enjoy the iPhone Apple upgrade program. No extra charges, easy to trade in your phone and not tied to a carrier.

I enjoyed trying out the plus size phone. I wasn’t in love with the larger phone. I was very happy to see the iPhone X and all of the changes. In particular the smaller form, the larger OLED display, better camera and no home button.

I was hoping to utilize the upgrade program to get this years new phone. I just could not do it. The iPhone Xs did not justify an upgrade. Of course there is the new processor and some camera features. By the way, there is no new camera hardware. Just software improvements. For really important video and pictures I will use my better cameras that I use for my YouTube channel. I am curious about the Max.

But, do I really want or need the larger display? The cost is only $5 more a month. But I would need a new leather case, have to pay the sales tax and the extra $50 in payments for the year. I know that I will be upgrading next year. So the larger screen was not worth the extra $200 for this year that I will use it. The regular Xs wasn’t worth paying the same price for a phone that I will give back after a year.

Instead I have decided to keep the iPhone X that I absolutely love. It has been such a great phone. I will just keep doing my iPhone payments and next year I will have a phone I own. A phone I can use as a remote for my drone, give to daughter, sell, use as a coaster, jump and down on or for whatever else. But, it will be my phone that I get to keep.

This time around was not worth paying for a phone with minimal upgrades that I won’t even own. That is my 2 cents and the reason why I didn’t upgrade this year.

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