DJI Spark Drone 2 week update

DJI Spark Drone 2 week update

For Christmas my wife bought me a DJI Spark Drone. It has been over 2 weeks since Christmas and I have not lost or destroyed my drone. I have flown it a couple of dozen times. I did try to launch it from my hand for the first launch. It appeared it was getting away from me, I tried to hold it and one of the blades cut my finger and it fell to the ground. Other then that, I blindly flew it into my cats scratching post. I learned I am not good enough to fly in my house by camera and screen only.

In the time I have flown this drone I have been super impressed. The Spark Drone is impressive from the moment it launches and goes to a hover of about 4′ off the ground. From the moment you grab the controls you see how responsive this thing is. The Spark can make quick hummingbird like moves and come to an almost immediate stop into a hover.

I will say this thing is a little intimidating. I have sent the drone up 200 feet and about 200 feet away from me. Although, it is completely stable, I have a fear that a big wind is going to take away my drone or I am going to lose control over it. After multiple 200 feet high flights, I can say this thing is stable in normal winds. The slow flying footage was so stable for such a little drone.

The Spark is so much fun to fly. I want to keep going out and seeing if I can take it a little further or come up with some cool shots. I would highly recommend buying the kit with all the accessories. The remote is a must have. i would not want to fly this with the phone only. Plus the range is severely limited. I look forward to putting together a video review of the sparks. I will wait until I get a few more hours of flight under my belt.

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